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Speaker Photo - Scott Erickson

Scott Erickson

Senior Vice President, Global Channel Sales

Speaker Photo - Greg Milliken

Greg Milliken

Senior Vice President, Strategic Alliances

The Value of Intelligence in Digital Workplace Transformations

Business intelligence can come from your market and your staff, and the immense amount of data being collected will need to be used not just to enhance your solution but to transform your business. Organisations must consider using gained knowledge to reimagine and transform their enterprises before they themselves are disrupted. The question is: how can artificial intelligence add value to this endeavour?

Throughout the world, enabling technologies like digital analytics and cloud have proven their value—and then some—over the past decade. They are the basis of numerous successful corporate strategies and new business models. In Australia and New Zealand, where small to medium-sized businesses abound, some organisations are working to modernize their core technologies while others are utilising artificial intelligence to manage risks.

Watch the recording to discover the benefits of artificial intelligence as we share trends, statistics, case studies and best practices to help you design and implement your own digital workplace transformations.

Convergent logo

Daneen Storc

Director of Strategic Alliances & Solutions

Building Digital Transformation Strategy with AI-Enabled Content Intelligence

Even before COVID-19, organizational leaders were letting go of piecemeal efficiency projects and reworking their technology strategies to support a future-oriented, proactive, and organization-wide vision called digital transformation.

Today, the importance of such vision has escalated as businesses struggle to simply maintain operations and prepare for long term economic uncertainty. Intelligent technologies that support transformation require an understanding of content to deliver better employee productivity, operational resilience, and business insights.

See how content and process intelligence are transforming the landscape of the digital enterprise and how utilizing it helps to optimize automation projects, make intelligent data-driven decisions, and uncover new opportunities.


Joel Hurst

IT Manager

Logo - Cadmus Consulting
Speaker Photo - Greg Brown

Greg Brown


Putting the Smarts in Local Government: Esri and Intelligent Information Management

A compelling case study of how the integration between M-Files and Esri ArcGIS is enabling The City of Fremantle to deliver against their vision of unparalleled service to their constituents while reducing costs and improve citizen satisfaction.

Learn how Location Intelligence connects data and information through an intuitive map-based interface, opening a window through which different constituents can view the right data for their individual roles

Discover how integrating Esri ArcGIS Location Intelligence mapping technology with M-Files Intelligent Information Management provides seamless, in-context access to important documents and information residing in other systems.


Greg Milliken

SVP, Strategic Alliances

New Frontiers in Information Management: Context, Context, Context

The explosion of information, and the increasing popularity of the cloud and its impact on where information is stored and managed, can conceptually be likened to an information “big bang;” rather than consolidating, information is spreading out, and often moving from place to place. The one constant, which interestingly was always the most important arbiter of why information is important, is context.

In this session, we’ll discuss how Salesforce Customer 360, the new Dropbox and Microsoft Project Cortex emphasize that context is the key to improving the way information is accessed, managed and processed, and we’ll also explore how they relate to the “what vs. where” approach to managing information that M-Files pioneered and is leading with in the market today.


Treve Clayton


The Journey from Document Management to Advanced AI

Whether you are looking to enhance your customer experience, drive productivity or control case information more effectively, enabling fast access to information for the right people at the right time is the bedrock of any digital transformation strategy.

In this session, you will discover the power of intelligent information management – from the benefits of simple document management functionality like version control, workflow, mobile apps and more – right through to advanced artificial intelligence and connectivity. You will understand why managing content based on ‘what it is’ is a powerful platform for connecting your business critical applications, allowing information to flow freely across your organisation.

For office managers, IT managers, and CEOs – go on a journey of discovery and learn the incredible power of intelligent information management to transform your digital workplace.

Logo - Intrexx
Speaker Photo - Abigail Brown

Abigail Brown

International Partner Development Manager

Logo - Convergent
Speaker Photo - Niall McConnell

Niall McConnell

Commercial Director

Creating Value with Business Process Automation and Self-Service Portals

2020 has shown all of us just how important it is that companies digitalise. Many believe they are on the way to doing so but in reality, digitalisation encompasses much more than just improving the efficiency inside your company.

In this presentation, you will learn just how easily an innovative portal software can be used to create personalised solutions for your organisation. We will explore:

  • the importance of self-service portals in today’s world to ensure a competitive edge, and
  • how vital self-service portals are in providing better services to your customers, partners and suppliers.

We will do a live demonstration of use cases, showing how companies like yours improve their communication by utilising self-service portals with not only their employees but also third party contacts.

Convergent logo

Jayson deVries

AI Product Manager

The Value of AI in Today’s Workplace

Artificial Intelligence has promised to revolutionize how we work by streamlining our operations and enhancing our decision-making. Bridging this promise to practical realties has initially been in short supply with AI features often requiring significant upfront investments in data annotation and manual training of machine learned models. This is usually quite impractical for most organizations.

In this session, we will walk through several practical examples of how self-learning and configuration-free AI is making Content Management better today, and how it will transform the industry in the future.

Convergent logo

Jayson deVries

AI Product Manager

DEMO: Hands-On with M-Files AI

Whether processing new documents as they’re created or tackling a huge archive of who-knows-what, M-Files Intelligence Services can help. M-Files AI can add the all-important metadata that drives your workflows, permissions, and business processes.

In this session, see firsthand the primary use cases and key benefits of several M-Files’ Intelligence Services, including M-Files Smart Classifier, M-Files Smart Metadata, and M-Files Discovery.

Logo - Cadmus Consulting
Speaker Photo - Craig McGowan

Craig McGowan

Director and Solution Architect

Speaker Photo - Dean De Wit

Dean De Wit

Application Specialist

Delivering Zero Touch Information Governance Across the Enterprise

Usability is key to the successful adoption of any solution. Information management, however, is a highly personal discipline. Users develop practices and processes that “work for them”. As a result, the implementation of corporate compliance / governance systems, which have historically imposed structures and unfamiliar processes on individuals, have been doomed to fail from the outset for failing to recognise that users will actively avoid using such systems if they are considered unfamiliar or inefficient.

In this session, learn how to develop innovative solutions that addresses this dilemma at an enterprise level by leveraging the rich connectivity, integration, and automated classification capabilities of an intelligent information management solution. You will discover some of the real-world issues and considerations and how intelligent information management helped to overcome them.

Logo - EzeScan
Speaker Photo - Demos Gougoulas

Demos Gougoulas

Director, Sales & Marketing

Intelligent Invoice Processing: Say No to Manual Data Entry

Want to save hours of manual data entry and improve your overall operational efficiency?

Take the hard work out of your accounts payable processing with advanced automated data capture and discover a fast and cost-effective method to ingest both hard copy and electronic invoices into your accounts payable workflow.

In this presentation, discover how intelligent capture can improve your overall operational efficiency saving you hours of manual data entry. See how to route your invoices for approval, and with ‘out of the box’ integration, automatically name and file directly into an intelligent information management solution.

Logo - Upstream
Speaker Photo - Matt Coad

Matt Coad

Executive General Manager, Solutions

Connected Content: The Digital Transformation Game Changer for SMBs

A typical SMB runs numerous business applications and copious paper-based processes, making the prospect of digital transformation an overwhelming one. In addition, the considerable costs of upgrading software or replacing legacy systems often makes it difficult to know where to start digitisation or if change is even viable.

M-Files makes digitisation for SMBs easy and affordable. Utilising M-Files as your all-in-one business transformation platform, you can digitise any process in your business.

Join us to learn how you can optimise your business using M-Files as your digital workflow platform across multiple areas.

Logo - Hubshare
Speaker Photo - Barry Simmons

Barry Simmons

Client Services Manager APAC

Speaker Photo - Damian Jeal

Damian Jeal


Smarter Collaboration using a Client Portal

In a world where the client is spoilt for choice, every interaction matters to optimise your client’s engagement experience and ensure client retention. Even more so now that teams are supporting clients remotely, they want to feel listened to, valued and communicated to effectively.

Join us as we share guidance on how an effective client portal can help you overcome common issues when trying to retain your clients and the benefits this can deliver to your business. This includes how firms can increase client retention by strengthening relationships and delivering client value quickly and efficiently.

During the session, we will cover:

  • How to overcome common issues affecting client loyalty and retention
  • The importance of data and data security
  • How to make the most out of your technology, including key integration use cases that have already been implemented by organisations
  • The role of a client portal and effective collaboration
  • A demonstration of Hubshare’s M-Files integration, dashboards, widgets, data visualisation, forms and project management tools

Register now to learn how a client portal can help you exceed client expectations and grow revenues.


Katie Johnson

Principal Content Manager

Find your Way out of Data Chaos: Tips from a Non-Tech

When you are coming from a non-technical specific role, understanding the concepts behind the implementation of a new software can be quite daunting. In many cases, the transition is put on the backburner and pushed into the ‘too hard’ basket. If only you could see into the future and realise the full potential of how this change will streamline your business workflows as well as allow for greater growth and visibility of your organisation and its processes.

The beauty of many modern software solutions, in this case M-Files, is that they can be tailored to your specific business needs and integrated with many of the software systems that you are already using. It’s not always about changing everything at once and causing massive disruptions.

In this session, learn to find an easier way out of data chaos and get a glimpse of a brighter future.

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